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Snowflake – we are all dreaming of it, aren't we?  The white Christmas that we all desire.  Snowflake is a symbol of a time in the year where we feature in our whiteout.  Sat astride our trusty steed crunching through virgin snowfall on a crisp and even morning with the blinding rays of the low winter sun striking our backs. 

Each Snowflake that falls from the sky is individual and unique in composition and shape. We feel our Snowflake riding sock reflects the relationship with our horses as being unique and memorable with unbreakable bonds. Mount up, socks on, boots on, and the ride ahead will be a triumph made even more special if the white stuff falls from the leaden skies and your ride into the distance beckons.

The Snowflake has mesmerising, bold, iconic knitted flakes set in complimentary yarn colours that will boldly highlight any outfit, stating that you are in charge and full of Christmas spirit. Maybe a hack to the local hostelry, where you need to show your colours on the Christmas Ride-out or just lazing in front of the fire with an egg-nog, post afternoon mucking out, listening to Deano croon Baby It's Cold Outside, wondering "what was in that drink?" Knowing your feet are all toasty inside your Snowflake riding socks.

This technical riding sock, manufactured in Leicester by fair wage paid staff, has a myriad of the usual hard-wearing Coolhorsesocks features. Ribbed arch and ankle that prevents slippage, just under knee length for when it is "deep and crisp and even", and a Coolmax padded foot to wick away the moisture that ensures cared for feet down the yard and when out riding.

Snowflake, in traditional red, pastel pink, or duck egg blue, Small, Medium and Large is a Christmas winner - nut roast dinner…