Sustainability Statement

Cool Socks Limited has made a commitment to become as sustainable as possible within the constraints of the product mix that it purveys and the socio-economic climate it operates in.   We have an ambition to be a successful profitable business that has the least impact on the environment that it can.

Cool Socks distributes British made technical sport socks through our brands which includes Coolhorsesocks and where possible insists on best sustainable practices available, with all impact minimised where achievable.  

Cool Socks will not sit on its laurels.  We are constantly looking to better our carbon footprint and will innovate where possible to achieve our goal.  We are researching recycled polyester and alternative organic natural materials and are beta testing the knit quality, performance and reception of its customer base to more sustainable products that come with limited colour-ways and increased costs of raw materials. 

As costs come down, quality and colours increase and public perception/ awareness and desire to pay a premium for enhanced sustainable sock ranges is apparent, that allows our business to thrive and compete then we will implement, until one day, in the not too far distant future, it will become the norm. 
Things we do
o   All packaging used is from recycled paper 

o   Packaging parcels use biodegradable bags or recycled cardboard boxes

o   Packaging tape used is recycled paper tape
o   We use a Leicestershire factory that employs and pays its workers a fair wage

o   The factory has a SEDEX 4 pillar audit carried out on a regular basis.
o   The factory purchases green electric and has done so for over 5 years. 

o   The factory has a target with regarding to packaging of goods produced for ALL customers to be either paper or of biodegradable plastic by 2022.
      Cool Socks implemented this in 2020

o   The factory sends all the yarn and sock waste to be recycled where it is made into carpet underlay

o   Our office is located remotely from our stock storage facility.  So we minimise car miles by walking to despatch the daily orders at our village post office.

o   Trade shows - we have installed a solar power generator on our Trailer so all energy used at shows is renewable.