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Are you tired of your stirrups scratching your saddle? Have you tried several products in the market, but none work for you? Well, Coolhorse Socks has the perfect solution for you! Introducing our brand new Stirrups Socks!

Created by Katie, who faced the same problem as you, our Stirrups Socks are the perfect fit for your stirrups. Small enough to be rolled up and put in your pocket and secure enough to stay in place, these socks will ensure your saddle is protected. No more hassle, no more fiddling around. With their open bottom, they do not gather lots of sand in the bottom either, making them cleaner than others.

Our Stirrup Socks are made from stretchy materials that can accommodate various stirrup sizes and styles. What's more, we're proud to offer an eco-friendly option made from recycled materials. Not only will you be riding in style and comfort, but you'll also be doing your part for the environment.

Say goodbye to scratched saddles and uncomfortable rides. Try our Striupps Socks and experience the difference today!