Our Brand

We are a family business borne out of a desire to find a riding sock for our kids that delivered performance matched with comfort and fun.

Coolhorsesocks is run by father and daughter duo Tim and Katie Riley. Katie is the equestrian and dad the avid supporter.Listening to the countless mails, tweets, facebook posts and at trade shows we have tried to develop and evolve the range, our journey has seen this evolution and we will continue this at the heart of everything we do.Coolmax, the fabric is at the core of our products.  

It is a brilliant fabric that is in an array of performance clothing where there is a need to wick away sweat. We marry coolmax with great yarns in a myriad of colours and you have the best equestrian riding sock there is in our eyes - Coolhorsesocks.

We felt there was a gap in the market for a new equestrian riding sock that matched the needs of the wearer in terms of performance and style, we believe with Cool Horse Socks we have achieved that.We wanted a British manufactured product that could deliver both style and performance in a long riding sock and with ranges that would match the needs of most people in the equestrian world in regards of performance, comfort and functionality.  

We have two distinct ranges, the funkier Stablehorse riding sock range, aimed at general yardwear with its bright young thing feel, that the kids and not so young kids love to pull on and the competition riding sock range has been designed and manufactured to suit the needs of the more serious rider who wants the same performance in a lightweight sock.  

We have achieved a 48% lighter and thinner riding sock with coolmax that delivers a serious foot benefit when performance counts.Whatever you do in this wonderful sport of ours, jumping, dressage, cross country, carriage driving or just hacking out, professional or amateur, young or old, Coolhorsesocks probably have a pair of riding socks that have your name on that will make your day.Coolhorsesocks - funky technical riding socks for the masses...