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The Coolhorse Perfomance riding socks

Wishing I Was Lucky…. Luck is earnt, generated by the relationship between rider and steed, closer contact, love and clear instruction, balance and enjoyment all make the Wishing technical riding sock a clear addition to creating that bond.  But nothing wrong with Wishing, a hardwearing technical riding sock with Coolmax fabric to wick away your perspiration that won’t slip in the boot.  Be lucky… you know it helps.

A full length riding socks with our 2019 technical foot features, made with coolmax foot, in a unicorn and cloud pattern. Designed by riders, British made.



Technical Sock Features:

●Ankle and arch contour for support, comfort and heel protection

●Coolmax® technology

●Padded sole for extra comfort

●Micro-mesh venting for added breathability

●Flat toe seem for extra comfort