Cool Horse Tail Sock

Cool Horse Tail Sock
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A bit of fun was needed down our yard, so we made something that had us in stitches.  We are so easily pleased and amused but to see Mojo in his new "Does my bum look big in this" as he trotted up the ramp into the lorry ready to head off for another pleasant valley sunday morning was so worth it.  Mojo is so vain... i'm sure i could hear him asking Katie "well is it?"

In vibrant purple, it made us laugh and turned a few smiles at the show.  Now its your turn as we have made them just for your best mate....

Using sock technology we have created a tail sock available in - pony, cob and full.

Easy to put on, Cool Tail Sock is manufactured in the Uk, the design incorporates an elasticated area that covers the dock and the tail is catered for in the sock which uses velcro at the end to contain the end of the tail.

The cool tail sock can be used with a tail bandage for extra security.

The sock is easy wash.

WATCH HOW TO PUT THE SOCK ON; click additional information

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