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Busy Bee's
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The Coolhorse Perfomance riding socks

Busy Bee – critical that we all wear our bee socks with pride as we show solidarity with this humble hard-working insect reflecting the precarious balance of nature that we enjoy as we ride through those summer meadows in harmony with our best friend and the world around us.  Beautiful colours to compliment this poignant icon.  Hardwearing technical riding socks with Coolmax fabric to wick away your perspiration, that won’t slip in the boot.

A full length riding socks with our 2019 technical foot features, made with coolmax foot, in a bee pattern. Designed by riders, British made.


Technical Sock Features:

●Ankle and arch contour for support, comfort and heel protection

●Coolmax® technology

●Padded sole for extra comfort

●Micro-mesh venting for added breathability

●Flat toe seem for extra comfort