2019, whats in store?

2019, whats in store?

Tim Riley on 15th Mar 2019


We have a lot planned for this year

Where will we be?

We will be attending a variety of BE events up and down the country, beginning with Chatsworth Horse Trials May 10-12.

We have designed our showstand with emphasis on the product and the technical features, highlighting a clear brand message. Katie’s been using her keen graphic eye and has created us a walkthrough of what it might look like!Coolhorse riding socks stand design

We are currently looking at the logistics of getting the socks to the shows, it might mean Katie having to do a trailer test & camping on the top of the car! Which we will be exciting. She should be used to it after campervanning around New Zealand and Australia for 3 months, we don't think the views will be the same as this though!

Come and see us on our travels, loads of show offers, drop by and say hi, we would love to get your views on our new comp sock range.