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Argyll - a performance horse riding sock that identifies the star of the show - you! A brilliant riding sock that wont slip in the boot, a cream that's accentuated Argyll pattern that will compliment those tweed colour tones  we see every weekend across this green and pleasant land of ours. The Argyll wont let you down with its ribbed arch and ankle for support, venting and friction pad on the heel and of course the padded Coolmax® foot that keeps on delivering time and time again.

Technical Sock Features:

●Ankle and arch contour for support, comfort and heel protection

●Coolmax® technology

●Padded sole for extra comfort

●Micro-mesh venting for added breathability

●Flat toe seem for extra comfort

Leg: 95% Polyamide | 5% Lycra®

Foot: 60% Coolmax® | 35% Polyamide | 5% Lycra®